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Our Philosophy and Diagnostic Method


At Kamelhar-Teller Pulmonology we take an integrative approach to patient care. Many pulmonary symptoms and complaints start from other organ systems. Our philosophy is that a careful assessment of all relevant organ systems is necessary to arrive at the correct diagnosis for each patient. 

Cough or shortness of breath may arise from the heart, sinuses or esophagus. These symptoms may often be caused by simultaneous factors, rather than one. When examining a respiratory or sleep patient, the physicians at Kamelhar-Teller Pulmonology will ask questions and look for answers from the whole body. Is it the heart? Is it the digestive system? Is it an allergy? Is it several of those?

Dr. Kamelhar and Dr. Teller's all-inclusive approach to respiratory or sleep disorder diagnosis will most often yield the best symptom and disease management.

When a patient comes to us with a respiratory or sleep problem, we feel “the buck stops here.” When needed, we take the responsibility to recruit help from numerous consultants in a timely manner. We communicate with internists, cardiologists, gastroenterologists and ENT specialists many times each day! We do not go a day without the input of allergists, thoracic surgeons, medical oncologists, rehabilitation therapists and others.

A Well-Rounded Approach to Respiratory Care

We are good listeners. For every patients that visits Kamelhar-Teller Pulmonology, we make sure to carefully assess the history of the patient. Therefore, the history of respiratory or sleep events, including childhood illness and sleep disorders is taken from “Day 1.” Review of past records and studies are also a major part of the analytic process. When indicated, we speak directly with your primary physician and with relevant specialists, including previous pulmonary and sleep specialists.

We do not rely on the opinion of others. We do not rely on reports alone. All relevant X-ray and CT images are obtained, studied and most often reviewed with senior chest radiologists.

If we refer you to another specialist, we will contact the physician, therapist and testing center directly, making sure that when you go to the next specialist he or she knows why you are there, what has been done and most importantly, what the specific question is that needs to be addressed. We work only with the best specialists in every area and because our only obligation is to you, our patients, we will refer you to physicians from New York City and beyond to regional and national centers, if needed. In the three-plus decades of interactive practice, we have gotten to know these physicians personally and can count on them to help you.


Our Philosophy and Diagnostic Method 2


Treatment of Chronic Respiratory Conditions

It is not uncommon for patients to present for evaluation of a cough or other problem that has been troubling them for years or even decades. Many have gone from doctor to doctor, with now relief and that symptoms should be chalked up to stress. By functioning as a liaison between each patient and each physician involved in the diagnostic process, we go to great lengths to find the proper diagnosis for every patient, whether the problem is potentially life threatening or interferes with quality of life. No patient is sent back to his or her primary physician without a working diagnosis and proposed treatment plan.

Our Philosophy

  • Evaluate the “unified airway,” taking an integrative approach to respiratory symptoms
  • Think and, not or. Many respiratory symptoms are the consequence of multiple factors, e.g. cough, shortness of breath, etc.
  • Always start at the beginning to establish the proper diagnosis. For example, a history of asthma does not mean that you have asthma. An accurate diagnosis is needed to arrive at the right treatment plan
  • Review original studies, i.e. prior X-rays, CTs and sleep studies as well as biopsy materials require re-evaluation to assure the accuracy of the working diagnosis.
  • The buck stops here. We will continue to endeavor to obtain an accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendation no matter how complex the problem.
  • We work with some of the New York metropolitan area’s best specialists in medical areas related to ours and will speak with each one directly to assure optimal care.
  • We want results for you. If there comes a time that we cannot arrive at the satisfactory diagnosis, we suggest a second opinion and work to get you there in a timely fashion.
  • We will work hard to assure the coordination of all specialists to whom we refer you.


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