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Lung Cancer

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Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death of both men and women in the world. Pulmonologists, like Dr. Kamelhar and Dr. Teller, play a key role in the prevention, early diagnosis, staging, management and treatment of lung cancer.

Causes and Risk Factors for Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer Medicine, NYC

The most common causes of lung cancer are smoking and secondhand smoke. Lung cancer also occurs in non-smokers. Other risk factors include exposure to asbestos, radon, diesel exhaust, and air pollution; as well as, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), pulmonary fibrosis, immune suppression, and family history of lung cancer.

Lung Cancer Prevention & Smoking-Cessation Program

Dr. Kamelhar and Dr. Teller can create a smoking-cessation program to help you quit smoking and reduce your chances of lung cancer.

Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Early detection of lung cancer reduces mortality

Most people have little or no symptoms. For high-risk smokers, screening and early diagnosis of lung cancer can reduce mortality. Long-term smokers should be checked for lung cancer. The pulmonologists at Kamelhar-Teller Pulmonology provide state-of-the-art cancer screening methods and have an advanced understanding of interpreting radiographic findings necessary for early detection and treatment.

Testing procedures to detect lung cancer include:

  • Diagnostic imaging such as chest x-ray, low dose CT scan of the chest, or PET-CT scan
  • Sputum cytology to examine mucus for cancer cells
  • Tissue sample (biopsy) to identify abnormal or cancerous cells through:
    • Bronchoscopy the examination of the inside of the airways
    • Endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) the visualization of the lymph nodes that surround the airway via ultrasound
    • Thoracentesis the removal of fluid from between the lining of the outside of the lung and chest wall

Lung cancer staging and management

After the diagnosis of lung cancer, Dr. Kamelhar or Dr. Teller will help determine the stage of your lung cancer and help arrange treatment with thoracic surgeons, and medical and radiation oncologists. While treating your lung cancer, the pulmonologists at Kamelhar-Teller Pulmonology will manage the related symptoms and side effects from both the cancer and treatment.

If you suspect that you may have lung cancer or if you are a smoker, call Kamelhar-Teller Pulmonology today. Talking with a pulmonologist about the risks and symptoms could save your life.

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